Mission Statement


Providing services in accordance with rules of good scientific practice and accepted ethical standards is one of our basic objectives. Our research is committed to the acquisition of knowledge. Therefore we only carry out research into cases of which the outcome is open.


The application of generally accepted scientific methods and the comprehensive consideration of judicature and literature and – if possible – the anticipation of future developments are part of the basic conditions of our work. Our aim is to safeguard our findings in the best possible way.


It is one of our principal tasks to start acquiring scientific expertise where no answers can be found in available subject literature.


We focus our skills and efforts on providing services with excellent efficiency. Synergies  are used systematically within our research network, whereas bureaucracy and diversions are avoided.


In addition to ensuring our clients’ strict confidentiality, we feel obliged to offer a constantly optimised security system.


Our clients are bound by our own transparency standards. In the case where a client wishes to publish or put forward our analysis, our findings have to be disclosed completely.

Pro Bono

We are committed to our social responsibility. Under special circumstances we provide our services gratuitously.

Distribution of roles

Our analyses often serve as a basis or support of the work of a legal professional authorized for representation (lawyers, notaries and chartered public accountants). Furthermore we are not practising as attorneys.